--Trigger warnings --

Trigger Warning -- Comics may contain themes of:
ableism, abortion, abuse, actors, addiction, adoption, ageism, aggression, aids, alcoholism, anal sex, anger, animal abuse, ankles, anxiety, armies, armoured cars, armpit sex, art, assault, auctions, autism, babies, barbers, bathing, beards, bears, bees, bestiality, bicycles, bigotry, bipolar disorder, birds, bishops, blackmail, blood, blue, blueblood, boathooks, boats, bodily fluids, body shaming, bondage, books, booze, bottoms, boxing, breasts, bullying, burglery, butlers, camels, cannibalism, candy, car accidents, cars, catcalling, cats, cattle, child abandonment, child abuse, child marriage, child neglect, child pimps, childbirth, clapping, classism, clothing, clowns, clubs, coal, coercion, coffee, comics, communism, corpses, cricket, criminality, cubism, cyborism, dancing, death, dentistry, depression, dictionary, dieting, dinosaurs, disability, dismemberment, dissociation, divorce, doctors, dogs, dolls, domestic violence, doormats, dragons, drama, drool, drowning, drugs, ducks, eating disorders, education, eggs, elk, enslavement, eroticism, faeces, fashion, fatphobia, filth, fish, forced marriage, foot sex, footmen, foxes, frogs, fruit, fur, furries, gambling, gardens, geese, genderism, genital modification, genital mutilation, glasses, goats, golf, gore, group sex, guns, hair, hallucinations, harassment, hats, heightism, heteronormativity, homelessness, homophobia, homosexuality, horses, hunting, ice, illness, incarceration, incest, infidelity, insects, insertion, internet memes, isolation, kidnapping, knives, legs, lemons, lesbianism, limepits, lions, madness, magazines, magic, maids, medical procedures, marriage, meat, memory loss, mental abuse, mental illness, milk, miscarriage, missing persons, molestation, monsters, mugging, murder, museums, music, nannies, nationalism, nazis, necrophilia, newspapers, nudity, nurses, objectification of animals, objectification of children, objectification of men, objectification of objects, objectification of women, OCD, oral sex, orgies, owls, paedophilia, painting, pants, paranoia, parlour games, parties, pederasty, penis, personality disorders, photography, physical abuse, pianos, pimps, piracy, play, plays, playing cards, poison, police brutality, polygamy, poverty, pregnancy, priests, child prostitution, prostitution, psychopathy, psychosis, pyromania, rabbit, raccoons, racism, rape, rattles, religion, reptiles, robbery, royalty, sabotage, sailing, sand, sausage, schizophrenia, school shooting, schools, scuba, self harm, serious injury, servants, sex, sexism, sex toys, sexual abuse, sexual assault, shaving, ships, sizeism, shirts, shorts, skeletons, skirts, skulls, skunks, slapping, slavery, slurs, SM, smoking, snakes, soap, soup, spartans, spelling, spiders, spit, sport, sprouts, squirrels, stalking, subways, suicide, swearing, swords, tanks, tea, technology, tennis, tentacles, terror, terrorism, testicles, tigers, torture, towels, trains, transphobia, trauma, trees, undead, underclothing, urine, vegetables, verbal abuse, vicars, violence, violence towards animals, violence towards children, violence towards inanimate objects, violence towards men, violence towards women, virginity, vomit, voyeurism, waiters, waitresses, war, water, washrooms, white privilege, wizards, zombies